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Wind Turbine 100KW


Reference Specifications Quantity Description
Model: NSWP 100KW
Rotor Diameter (m): 21
Material of blade: FRP
Number of blade: 3
Protection: mechanical brake, electromagnetic brake, yaw regulation, pitch control
Working wind speed (m/s): 3-25
Cut-in Wind speed (m/s): 3
Rated wind speed (m/s): 12
Survival wind speed (m/s) 50
Rated output power (kW): 100
Maximum output power: 118 kW
Rated output voltage: DC 460V
Generator type: 3 Phase PMG
Weight: 8000 kg
Tower: 36 meters
1 100K Wind Turbine
1 36 meters tower
1 Foundation Accessories
1 Wind and Solar Controller