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Grid-tied Solar System With Battery Backup

This type of system is for those want protection from blackouts and other power loss but still want to be connected to the grid.

This system has all of the features and benefits of a standard grid-tied system, but with the additional benefit of uninterruptible power. With this system, you can still take advantage of the net metering, the Solar Rebate program (minus the cost of the batteries), and grid connection benefits.

With the battery backup, you are still connected to the grid as with the standard grid-tied system, But when the utility grid is down - the battery backup kicks in and delivers power to critical appliances and electrical devices (refrigerator, radio, electric heater, computers, etc.) when you need it most.

This means that you are protected by blackouts or any other power loss, which can provide peace of mind in a time of uncertainty of our existing electricity infrastructure. However, the battery backup option adds additional cost of the system.

Grid-Tied Solar Energy System With Battery

Typical grid-tied Solar Energy System with battery backup

How it works:

1) Sunlight hits the solar module, which is attached to your roof with the mounting racks.

2) The solar (or photovoltaic) cells inside the module then convert the light into electricity.

3) This electricity travels through wires to the charge controller, which senses battery voltage and regulates battery charging - the electricity is then used to keep the batteries fully charged to ensure uninterruptible power

4) The remaining electricity is then transferred to the inverter, which takes the electricity from the solar module (DC electricity) and converts it into the electricity your home needs to run your appliances, lighting, etc. (AC electricity)

5) This AC electricity then travels to your standard utility breaker box, and is supplied to your new utility net meter - which then of course feeds the electricity both to your home and to the electrical utility grid.

6) In the event of an emergency (blackout or power loss), your system automatically begins to draw power from the backup batteries and converts it into electricity. The Backed-Up AC Service Panel feeds into the appliances and other electrical needs you deem necessary in the event of power loss.

The main components of this system are:

  • Mounting racks
  • Solar modules
  • Charge controller
  • Inverter
  • Battery bank
  • Net meter