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Basic of Water Heat Pump

The most common system used in Europe.  The COP air to water collects the heat from the ground, groundwater or air to transfer to the heating circuit. A very economical solution that respects the environment, with systems that cultivate versatility geothermal heater.

How it works ?
As easy to install a hot water tank classical thermodynamics the ball finds its place in many parts of the house. It uses the heat in the ambient air to heat 300 liters of water contained in the ball through the properties of a refrigerant gas environmentally friendly (R410A).


How to regulate the right temperature your water heat pump ?

- Low temperature
The “classical” water heat pumps are called "low temperature" because they produce water at 45° C maximum. They are suitable for under floor heating and low temperature radiators.

- Average temperature
These water heat pumps can produce hot water at 60° C and are adapted to the same issuers that the models at low temperatures. They are suitable for heating circuit if existing radiators are sized accordingly.

- High temperature
The water temperature can reach up to 75 ° C. These water heat pumps can easily replace a boiler and can use a network of conventional hot water heaters to heat the whole house, where the “classical” water heater pump should distribute heat in a floor heating or radiators large. The water heat pump can also produce high temperature hot water for sanitary use.