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Wind Turbine 1KW


1kw wind turbine has high efficiency, credible performance, low noise, environment protecting. 1000w wind power generator are widely used in family, building site, observatory, breed aquatics by seaside and other, where is rich in wind resource, but lack the regularly energy.


Reference Specifications Quantity Description
Model: NSWP 1KW
Rotor Diameter (m): 3
Material of blade: FRP/Wood-epoxy
Number of blade: 3
Protection: Stall, electromagnetic brake, yaw regulation
Working wind speed (m/s): 3-25
Cut-in Wind speed (m/s): 3
Rated wind speed (m/s): 9
Survival wind speed (m/s) 50
Rated output power (kW): 1
Maximum output power: 1.25 kW
Rated output voltage: DC 48V
Generator type: 3 Phase PMG
Weight: 50 kg
Tower: 9 meters
1 1K Wind Turbine
1 9 meters tower
1 Foundation Accessories
1 Wind and Solar Controller